Inner Dharma is the martial arts website of Mark Raugas. I live in the Pacific Northwest and practice internal martial arts, including:

Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Yin style Baguazhang
Hebei style Xingyiquan
Northern Wu style Taijiquan

I am the 40th lineal student of Zhang Yun laoshi, who studied under the late Grandmaster Wang Peisheng and now leads North American Yin Cheng Gong Fa.

Classical Japanese Swordsmanship

Kashima-shinden Jiki Shinkage-ryu

I studied aspects of Kashima-shinden Jiki Shinkage-ryu at the Hōbyōkan, which preserves a practice of that art as taught by Namiki Yasushi and Ito Masayuki.

Mark Raugas