Inner Dharma

Inner Dharma is a resource focused on classical and traditional martial arts and culture. Here you will find a description of my current training activities, as well as a bibliography of reference material and training groups I recommend. This website used to be primarily focused on a set of essays; I have preserved some of them for future reference.



The Gassan-kan or "Moon Mountain School" is a martial arts training activity coordinated by Mark Raugas in Seattle. Its name is inspired by the Dewa Sanzan area of Japan. It was when visiting the Gassan Dai Jinja Shinto Shrine on Mt. Haguro and the Haguro-san Shozen-in temple of Haguro Shugendo in Haguro-machi in 2004, that I decided to shift my martial arts training focus towards classical and traditional martial arts.

Jiki Shinkage-ryu Practice at the Seattle Budokan

I maintain a small training cadre focused on the practice of Jiki Shinkage-ryu kenjutsu in Seattle, with an emphasis on body mechanics respecting internal martial arts principles, deep exploration of kata, and free practice called tameshi-ai. Because I run a small independent dojo, and have many influences, I refer to my Japanese swordsmanship practice as Gassan-kan Kenpo (月山館 剣法).

Yuè Shān Guǎn

The characters 月山館 are read as Yuè Shān Guǎn in Mandarin, and that is the name I use for my activities focused on the practice of Chinese Internal Martial Arts.

I practice the Hebei Style of Xingyi Quan, Yin Style of Bagua Zhang, and Northern Wu Style of Taiji Quan taught as part of North American Yin Cheng Gong Fa. The understanding of posture, movement, and perception developed in those arts has profoundly affected my martial arts practice.

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