Moon Mountain Hall 月山館

The "Moon Mountain Hall" ( 月山館 ) a training activity located in Seattle, focused on classical and traditional martial arts. Its name can be glossed as Gassankan in Japanese and Yuèshān guǎn in Mandarin.

I currently offer instruction in:

☵  Northern Wú Style Taiji Quan
☵  Jiki Shinkage-ryu Heiho

It was while visiting the Gassan Dai Jinja on Mt. Haguro in Dewa (Yamagata Prefecture) Japan, and the Haguro Shozen-in in Haguro-machi in 2004 that I decided to shift the focus of my martial arts practice to classical and traditional martial arts. This is why my teaching activity is called The Gassankan.

Here you will find a description of my training background, as well as a bibliography of reference material and training groups I recommend. This website used to be primarily focused on a set of essays; I have preserved instead some of my martial arts photography for future reference.

I may be reached at the email address below.

Mark Raugas
mark [at] innerdharma [dot] org