From 2004 to 2024, Inner Dharma hosted a collection of essays on traditional martial arts and culture. I want to thank my readers for their encouragement, feedback, and patience as I rework some of my writing into longer form.

I have entered a period of retreat focused on hard training, intense study, and asceticism drawn from Taosim and Buddhism. Older internal martial arts are based on Taoism in a very specific manner and sustained practice is required to gain benefit from their study. Esoteric Buddhism is also a philosophical foundation of much of classical Japanese swordsmanship, especially practices surrounding the mountain religion of Shugendo.

All this takes time. A consequence is I will no longer be updating Inner Dharma as regularly. I hope some of these essays have provoked thought and discussion amongst readers and can continue to be of benefit.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and continue my practice of internal martial arts as part of an activity I call The Gassankan (月山館). Please visit that website for more information.

Mark Raugas