Internal Martial Arts

Welcome to the martial arts website of Mark Raugas.

I am a member of North American Yin Cheng Gong Fa and the 40th chair indoor student of Zhang Yun, who studied internal martial arts in Beijing with Grandmaster Wang Peisheng. I also maintain an active practice of Jiki Shinkage-ryu heiho as taught at the Hobyokan of Dr. David Hall, who studied classical weapons arts in Japan under Namiki Yasushi, Donn Draeger, and Yagyu Nobuharu.

The current focus of my martial arts practice includes:

  ☵ Yin Style Bagua Zhang ( 八卦掌 )

  ☵ Hebei Xingyi Quan ( 形意拳 )

  ☵ Wu Style Taiji Quan ( 太極拳 )

  ☵ Jiki Shinkage-ryu Heiho ( 直心影流  兵法 )

I live and train in Seattle and can be contacted at the email address below.