The Gassankan 月山館

The Gassankan or "Moon Mountain School" is a martial arts training activity located in Seattle focused on developing skill in classical and traditional approaches to internal martial arts. The name Gassankan is inspired by the Gassan Dai Jinja ( 月山大 神社 ) shrine on Mt. Haguro in the Dewa Sanzan ( 出羽 三山 ) area of Yamagata. It was while visiting the shrines Mt. Haguro and the Hagurosan Kōtakuji Shōzenin ( 羽黒 山荒沢 寺正善院 ) Shugendo Temple in Haguro-machi in 2005 that I decided to focus my efforts on developing skill in older styles of martial arts.

Here you will find recommended resources for training in classical and traditional martial arts, recommended reading, and a description of teaching activities I currently hold in Jiki Shinkage-ryu heiho in coordination with The Lonin League, a cooperative dedicated to the practice of historical martial arts from around the world.

Mark Raugas