The Gassankan

The Gassankan ( 月山館) or "Moon and Mountain Hall" is a training activity located in Seattle, led by Mark Raugas, that focuses on:

I am a formal (baishr) student of Zhang Yun, who trained in Beijing under Grandmaster Wang Peisheng. I also hold a chuden menjo from Dr. David Hall, who studied in Tokyo under Namiki Yasushi, 18th generation headmaster of Jiki Shinkage-ryu.

Moon Mountain Hall: In 2005, while visiting the Gassan Dai Jinja ( 月山大神社 ) shrine on Mt. Haguro in the Dewa Sanzan ( 出羽三山 ) area of Yamagata Prefecture, and the Hagurosan Kōtakuji Shōzenin ( 羽黒山荒沢寺正善院 ) in Haguro-machi, I decided to commit my full efforts towards learning classical and traditional martials arts. Over ten years later, I can say the journey has been both challenging and rewarding.

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