The Gassankan

The Gassankan or "Moon and Mountain Hall" is a training activity led by Mark Raugas in Seattle, Washington. I currently offer semi-private instruction in the following martial arts:

☴  Neijia: Neijia are the internal martial arts of China, the primary examples of which are Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, and Taiji Quan. I focus my current practice of neijia on Yin, Cheng, & Liu Style Bagua Zhang, Hebei Style Xingyi Quan, and Northern Wu Style Taiji Quan as taught in North American Yin Cheng Gong Fa by Shifu Zhang Yun, whose teacher Wang Peisheng was one of the most skilled practitioners of internal martial arts in China.

☳  Koryu: Koryu are Japanese martial arts dating before the Meiji Restoration (1868). I focus my current practice of koryu kenjutsu on surviving lines of Shinkage-ryu taught at the Hobyokan of Dr. David Hall, where I learned Kashima-shinden Jiki Shinkage-ryu, one of the most powerful forms of classical Japanese swordsmanship.


I hold the following licenses and certifications in classical and traditional martial arts:

More detail on my training background can be found here.

Contact Information

Interested parties can email me at the address below.