I practiced a form of modern jujutsu derived from Karate, Judo and Aikido, from 1989 to 2004. Since that time I have focused my martial arts practice on Chinese Internal Martial Arts and classical Japanese kenjutsu. The first internal martial art I learned was Gao Lineage Bagua from Robert Galeone, a Bagua student of Allen Pittman. Over time, I re-examined my modern jujutsu practice, paring it down and reworking it to be compatible with ideas drawn from bagua.

Gao Lineage Baguazhang was developed by Gāo Yìshèng (高義盛) in the 1920's. Gao Yisheng studied Bagua primarily with Sung Zhangjun and Zhou Yuxiang (a student of Cheng Ting Hua). Zhang Junfeng was one of his most famous students, who brought the art to Taipei.

Gassankan Jujutsu ( 月山館 柔術 ) consists of a condensed curriculum of locking and grappling, analogous to qinna and shuai jiao in Chinese martial arts, designed to be a beginning practice that is compatible with a subsequent study of internal martial arts. Gassankan Jujutsu is an independent art and is not part of any larger organization. It is best viewed as a mixture of internal and external martial arts. It has a focus on grappling and self-defense and is very fluid and spontaneous, with a wide variety of combative applications. It serves as a basic curriculum for locking and throwing that we then integrate with elements of Baguazhang.

Gassankan Jujutsu is organized into eight sections of forms called kata. Each kata is a short form practiced with a partner to develop locking, grappling, and throwing skills in practitioners who are learning Baguazhang. Bagua often presupposed an existing skill set in its practitioners; some view Baguazhang as a "finishing school" of martial arts. This curriculum is designed to provide a basic skill set in close quarter combat that can be further enhanced and refined by a study of Bagua.

I currently live in Seattle and focus my training efforts on Jikishinkage-ryu kenjutsu and the arts of Yin Cheng Gong Fa. My student Benjamin Lawner, who currently resides near Pittsburgh, is ranked chuden in Gassankan Jujutsu and has permission to share his knowledge of that practice. Gassankan Jujutsu is an independent art, focused on self-defense, and can be a good introduction to internal martial arts.