Inner Dharma has served a variety of functions over the last ten years: blog, artist's statement, website for a martial arts school, and resource for pointers to good groups for training.

I have entered a period of retreat called Musha Shugyo (武者修行): hard training, intense study, and spiritual asceticism drawn from Taosim and Buddhism. Chinese Internal Martial Arts are based on Taoism in a very specific manner and sustained practice is required to gain benefit from their study. Esoteric Buddhism is the philosophical foundation of much of classical Japanese swordsmanship, especially practices surrounding Shingon and Tendai Buddhism and the mountain religion of Shugendo.

All this takes time.

A consequence is I will no longer be updating this portion of Inner Dharma as regularly. I hope some of these essays have provoked thought and discussion amongst readers and can continue to be of benefit. Future updates will still be listed here.