Last weekend I attended a two-day seminar at Capital Aikikai in Silver Spring, MD, featuring Wu Style Taiji Quan masters Zhang Yun and Zhao Zeren. This was Zhao Zeren's first time visiting the United States. Zhang Yun and Zhao Zeren trained together in Beijing under the late Grand Master Wang Peisheng, head of the Beijing Wu Taiji Quan group. Zhao Zeren provided insight into his very powerful and dynamic expression of Taiji Quan for fighting applications.

Zhao Zeren provided a very dynamic view of what is possible with Wu Taiji Quan from a combative perspective, exploring applications from several portions of the Wu Taiji Quan form and push hands against grabs, pushes, and strikes. Both masters provided active instruction and help to the participants so they could apply the off-balancing and throwing methods efficiently. Having a mat floor helped greatly, as we were able to throw when working with a partner who could take breakfalls. This allowed us to be freer with our application in the later stages of technique. Both masters provided detailed instruction on key acupuncture points to focus intention on to help relax the body in preparation for practice and during application of technique, as well as foundational elements of Fire and Water post standing.

It was great to see YCGF members from the different training groups come together again for training.